Imagine isolating ten models in a beautiful Caribbean resort, training them intensively in Kung-fu for one month by two of the finest martial arts masters in the world, then have them test these new skills by sparring against one another for a cash prize.

Welcome to Combat Model.

Combat Model is a 13×30 reality-based docu-drama that will combine entertainment sleekness with character-building and emancipation through hard work to create an entertainment phenomenon unlike anything ever seen.

Combat Model will take ten models from ethnically diverse backgrounds and all walks of life. They will be separated into two teams, The Black Team (who always wear black) and The White Team (who always wear white). They will be trained for one month in Kung-Fu by two Kung-fu masters and four assistant trainers. Viewers will be led through each girl’s odyssey as she begins a journey of transformation and, if she makes it, unparalleled empowerment.

Will your favorite model emerge from the crucible of this ancient warrior training a tempered steel blade, or will she shatter and be left by the wayside?

Every episode will follow one model’s evolution, for Day 1 to Day 30, culminating in a series of first tier prize-winning round-robin sparring matches as she takes on every member of the opposite team. All matches will take place on the mobile Combat Model Arena which will be moved to a different locale for each round of sparring. After the Round Robin, the four girls with the most points will proceed to the semi-final elimination showdown. The final sparring contest will feature the last two contenders squaring off for the cash prize.

What makes Combat Model unique is that each episode will take one model from zero to hero so that viewer see the same overarching story, but told from a unique perspective each time.

The show will look and feel like a fashion magazine/video game come to life but with a crucial emotional core that will resonate with anyone who has ever been intrigued by the road not taken and the empowerment only possible through a martial path.