Instructor – Sifu Simon


Sifu Simon Chong started studying the Martial Art Hapkido at age six privately with Master Mastavic. A short time later Simon discovered the Tao deh Ching and devoted his life path to Taoism.

When Sifu Simon Chong met Guru Nanoy (a tiny blind man who could still fully utilize his martial prowess) he was impressed with the skills and knowledge of this man and asked if he would teach him, Guru Nonoy agreed.

Guru Nonoy quickly became Sifu Simon most powerful influence, training him extensively in the Taoist internal martial arts, meditation and the esoteric sciences. In addition, Guru Nanoy also taught and certified Simon to teach Kali (Philippine stick and sword fighting) and Ngo Cho Kun (pronounced go cho kun).

Guru Nonoy was extremely impressed with Sifu Simon’s talent and abilities and considers Sifu Simon as a gifted individual and promoted Sifu Simon to teacher status at ‘a very young age’ for a Tai Chi teacher. Sifu Simon’s scope of knowledge of the internal martial arts and Taoist cosmology is matched by very few people in North America.

Sifu Simon Chong was the chief editor for Health-Talk Magazine and subsequently has published numerous articles on Taoism in relation to fitness, wellness, combat and as a philosophy.

Simon has taught at health clubs and in private. He has assisted, and conducted seminars in Combat Tai Chi, Hsing-I and Kali. He had the luck to meet and train people from both the Canadian military and U.S. Navy S.E.A.L. Team in hand to hand combat.

Sifu Simon’s school is Internal Harmony Kung-fu.

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