Head Instructor – Sifu Harvey


Sifu Rupert Harvey is the founder of Golden Harmony Kung Fu and heads the Tai Mantis Association in Toronto. He has over 30 years of experience in teaching the Martial Arts and has attained instructor ranking in Tae Kwon Do, Wanin Do, Shaolin Chin-Na, Northern Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai-Mantis Kung Fu, and Iron Palm. Currently Sifu Harvey continues to study and teach under the guidance of Grandmaster Rob Moses (David Carradine’s personal coach) and Grandmaster Michael Vendrell (the late Brandon Lee’s & Arnold Schwartzenegger’s personal coach.)

Sifu Harvey has various credits as an Action-actor/Stunt-Performer, and is also an accomplished musician who received a 1998 Juno Award when he was lead singer of the band Messenjah. During the early 1990’s when Sifu Harvey was training under Sifu Mo Chow in Toronto, he had met his most influential teachers Rob Moses and Michael Vendrell while seated with them at a Chinese Banquet for the local Kung Fu clubs. From their initial meeting, the two masters had offered Sifu Harvey to work and train with them on the Warner Bros. set of Kung Fu: The Legend Continues (They trained intensively with a select group of martial artists on and off the set.) In 1998 he received full instructors certification from The Tai Mantis Kung Fu Association for completing the system under Rob Moses, as well as certification for teaching Shaolin Chin-Na that was taught by Master Vendrell. Sifu Harvey’s prior certifications were received from Master Kerry Roop for Tae Kwon Do, and Master Kyung Lee for Wanin Do. He also studied under Grandmaster and Healer Charles (Shambu) Mardell and studied Wuji Qi Gong with Francesco Garri Garripoli and Daisy Lee-Garripoli. Most Recently Sifu Harvey has established the Golden Harmony Healing and Martial Arts Centre in downtown Toronto, as well as a branch in Lindsay, Ontario, and Warrenton, Virginia. Sifu Harvey is the creator of the Walk With Courage Martial Arts Program, a series of hands-on participatory seminars designed to empower women and give them the means of effectively dealing with physical confrontation.

Sifu Harvey was instructed in the age old tradition to keep an open mind, focus on and continuously analyze the principles of motion, to learn to adapt and evolve the system further, and teach his students to teach themselves to become inquisitive martial scientists.

His school is Golden Harmony Kung-fu.

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