Hard but not impossible. You train 6 hours per day in three 2 hour blocks with 2 hours in between. The training includes conditioning, striking and kicking, qigong, internal conditioning and meditation. Remember, you are not going to be going through anything the people training you have not already gone through. Times a thousand.
Safety is the number one concern. The combat in Combat Model is hard contact point sparring. Not full contact. This is NOT UFC and this is NOT bloodsport. You will be wearing protective gear which includes a face protector.
Exactly that. You will be cut off from the outside world for the duration of the shoot.
Yes. Really.
Those are not food. They are not water. They are not air. You would be surprised at how quickly you adapt to life without that connectivity. What did you do before you had them?
*sigh* I have no answer for that. You will just have to trust me and trust the ancient process. The Kung fu.
No. I’m not. Trust me. Once you get into this, you won’t miss it.
I am debating having an open bar. As a sort of temptation.
I am debating this. It hasn’t been decided on.

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