Combat Model is that once-in-a-lifetime show that comes along at just the right moment. Women everywhere are looking for empowerment but more specifically, overall empowerment. Empowerment that addresses a woman’s mental, physical and spiritual needs. Empowerment that comes from meeting and beating a challenge.

Combat Model asks of its participants (and by extension viewers) two simple questions:

  1. What are you made of?
  2. What can you make yourself into?

It then goes about demonstrating in an extremely direct and telegenic way that anyone can find the steel within. It uses very powerful tools (models and marital arts) and the outcome of physical confrontation (combat) as a yardstick to gauge how effectively those tools were learned, absorbed and put to use. By combining youthful beauty with traditional challenge, Combat Model is able to create the kind of viewing experience that is as fresh as it is addictive.

In our research, we found that women responded very favorably to Combat Model because they immediately ‘got’ the warrior’s path to empowerment the show represents. They understood the benefits that could be reaped through hard work, learning and devotion to a path that bears more than a passing resemblance to the warrior-woman path of the Amazons. Especially because we used models to demonstrate that anyone can achieve in one month what these girls did. Again and again, we heard women say that

“If a model can learn this, so can I.”