Relevance and Appeal to Broadcasters

Broadcasters from all over the world will find Combat Model appealing for several reasons:

  • Combat Model is a great fit for nearly every broadcaster because of viewer empathy, ethnic diversity of the cast and aspirational feelings the audience will have regarding the journey the Combat Models go through,
  • Combat Model represents an amazing opportunity to build a broadcaster’s core audience through new viewers and through co-viewing,
  • Combat Model will also allow broadcasters to build audiences for shows chosen to fill before and after slots.

The show offers several hooks that will keep viewers coming back week after week. These include:

  • Beautiful girls struggling and looking awkward. Then getting hit. Let’s face it. We have a love/hate relationship with this most iconic and ubiquitous of 21st century phenomenon. She tells us what to wear, what to buy and seems to promise with her airbrushed looks that it will all work out in the end if we just believe her. Deep down inside we know it’s all a lie, yet still we allow ourselves to be seduced. Watching a creature like that step out of a magazine into our world, to get knocked around by life and see what it’s like to suffer and struggle just like us is something we can all relate to.
  • Training that really works and is completely unlike anything the average viewer has ever seen.
  • Cool, never-before-seen fashion. Many women have watched the trailer and asked where they could get the outfits.

Advertising Potential

Combat Model will appeal to many of the top-tier advertisers. A list of potential products includes:

  • make-up,
  • skin cream,
  • hair-care lines,
  • nail-care,
  • sports beverages,
  • shavers,
  • feminine hygiene,
  • and more!

The docu-soap nature of the show will cause viewers to return week after week to see what happens next. The ethnic diversity of the cast will be of great appeal to brands, as will the wholesomeness inherent in this type of athletic pursuit.