Assistant Instructor – Sifu Gord


Sifu Gord is a Master Martial Artist and Exercise Specialist. The core of his training methods is based on thousands of years of applied technique, reinforced by the most modern science in Sports Medicine.

Nationally certified and trained by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Sifu Gord has 16 years of martial arts training, and 12 years of experience coaching and educating others through his methods. Along side of this constant study of Mind, Body and Spirit potential, is Sifu Gord‘s training as a professional culinarian, having worked in some of the finest restaurants in Toronto and Virginia over his 15 year career. Most notably, spending several years at the famed culinarian destination of Chef Patrick O’Connell, The Inn at Little Washington, and finally the executive Chef at the historical Red Fox Inn, in Middleburg Virginia.

Though his main instructor, Grand Master Rupert Harvey, resides in Toronto, Sifu Gord has studied throughout the U.S. and Canada with over a dozen martial arts masters and fitness coaches over the course of his career.

The Golden Harmony Method provides athletes with the most dynamic and effective training with unparalleled safety through a progressive program. Sifu Gord‘s vast experience and continued education is fundamental to being able to provide the very best training in applied bio mechanics.

Sifu Gord‘s school is Golden Harmony Fitness located in Virginia.

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